Classic or Contemporary

Our chronograph family contains a number of beautiful gold variations. But as these stunning watches have a very classic and elegant look and feel, some of our clients want something ‘different’. Something a little less classical, one might call it contemporary. So our latest release within the chronograph family, the Chronograaf Ref. 20024-Satiné, offers just that.

The case of our 20024-Satiné has as a matte gold finish that diffuses the light rather than reflecting it. Its satin, almost velvety effect, highlights the abundance of detail of our characteristic watch case. It gives the watch a contemporary almost industrial identity.

This ‘matte’ or ‘silk-like’ effect is created in our manufacture by treating the polished and shiny 18-carat golden watchcase with a high-pressure air stream, diffusing extremely fine diamond powder equally among the surface. This strong and yet very fine material gives the gold surface its matte finish and smooth feel.

The combination of the matte gold case and casual NATO-strap gives the chronograph an unique sporty look. It’s the reinvention of a classic. Both the date as well as the moon complication were developed in-house by our watchmakers. The 20024-Satiné is limited to 99 pieces and a perfect example of the expertise and craftmanship that characterizes a ‘Van der Gang’.