Stylish and timeless

Balance in motion - this is what makes a watch a Van der Gang. In a beautiful listed building in Dokkum, everything is geared towards the perfect combination of design and technique. Almost silently, the specialists work on innovative techniques and constructions for the gems of Dutch watch craft production. The use of materials, the manufacturing techniques, and the design receive the attention that makes a Van der Gang so unique.

Perfect balance

The perfect watch, perfectly balanced. With this purpose in mind, Van der Gang often spend years on new designs. Only five basic models have emerged from the craft production department since 2002. The Original, the Chronograaf, the Classic GMT, the ladies' model and the Vlieger attained the stage of perfection in both technique and design. Only then is the next phase entered into: production. Limited production, that is, as each Van der Gang model is part of a limited edition.


Rhodanized appliques

Van der Gang watches are characterised by perfection and precision. It is the combination of beauty, extremely fine craftsmanship and functionality that you experience that tells the story. The story of design based on technique. The hand mounted hours on the face for example constitute a stunning detail, but these as well can only shine in modesty once a perfect balance has been found with the rest of the design.