Gelimiteerde horloge oplages

Limited watch editions

Minimal details in our products distinguish us from the rest. With our background in fine mechanics we have the opportunity to make everything unique and in-house. But our background isn’t the only thing. For example, we deliver watches limited to a certain number. So that you can distinguish yourself from the rest. At first, of course through the beauty in our watchmaking. But also the feeling that you are one of the few who is able to purchase limited watch editions at Van der Gang.

Why do we do limited watch editions?

We find the limitation in the watches something beautiful that we can offer you. This offers the freedom of choosing your own number. For example a certain date or a specific number that is meaningful to you. It gives your watch a personal touch.

The limited production gives us the opportunity to bring out some really unique pieces on the market. What about our Vlieger Limitée series? Which is equipped with the unique thick green sapphire glass. One of the characteristics that attracts enthusiasts. Certainly if you want something that is made in a limited production of 25.

As our watches are characterised by perfection and precision. We honour them to only make ‘limited editions’. Exclusivity and the possibility to personalise your watch, is something that gives us something extra as a brand. You will not find long waiting lines for specific models, because we produce on order. This ‘sense of exclusivity’ is something that belongs to a brand as Van der Gang Watches.

Our watches are produced in a limited amount from 3 to 999 pieces. A scheme that characterizes the exclusivity of a Van der Gang watch. And when the number is reached, the watch will disappear from our collection.