original watch

The Original watch reinvented

Fourteen years after the introduction of our initial Van der Gang watch, the ‘Original’, Van der Gang Watches launches its successor: the 20052BW-TRg. This new and updated design perfectly portraits the change Van der Gang Watches has gone through over the past years. The new model, inspired by our Original watch, is a blend of innovative technique and perfectly balanced design. Resulting in a contemporary classic straight from the start.

The new Original watch with its 41mm case is produced with the utmost precision from a solid lump of high-quality stainless steel enabling a perfect fit around the wearer’s wrist. During the development we’ve explicitly focused on the request of our clients. Develop a watch with a considerably lower case. Therefore we change the case, its spherical sapphire glass and curved dial result in a balanced and sleek design. Perfectly characterising the Van der Gang philosophy. Because of this the 20052 has become the perfect dress-watch within the Van der Gang family.

The silver-plated dial, based on our Original, has its date indicated on its dial by a separate hand. The automatic movement with its in-house developed complications also elegantly displays the day of the week and the month. In addition, a chronograph complication showing seconds and minutes was added. The combination of the colors red and blue on the dial give the 20052 a contemporary feel despite its classic design.

We believe that the design of the 20052 matches the concept of a modern gentleman. The elegantly shaped design, with its immaculate eye for detail and its characteristic look and feel give this watch a subtle yet very distinctive appearance. The 20052 seems unique without effort. It offers distinctiveness without conspicuousness. Subtle, modest and yet extraordinary. A different perspective on time.